Lust List - August

9:38:00 pm

My weekend was ok, just lazing around at home and some reading :-). I didn’t do any shopping but to make up for it, here is a list of some of the stuff I’m lusting after (in no particular order :-)):

1. Crushed Ruched Ballet Flats

Ballet Flats with floral print….these would look so cute with a nice bright dress!! I want them sooo baaad!!!

Image Courtesy: Kaboodle

2. Shocking Pink Bow Hairband

Pink. Check. Bow. Check. Well, that’s about enough for me ;-)

Image Courtesy: Etsy

3. Marc Jacobs Beige Venetia Handbag

I have been looking all over for a beige bag but haven’t found the right one for me. Till then…lusting away over this…

Image Courtesy: topgradehandbags

4. Turquoise Bead Necklace

I love turquoise, especially in jewellery; and the chunkier, the better.

Image Courtesy: Etsy

5. Yellow Summer Dress

Yes, I know summer is officially over, but isn’t a bright yellow the perfect color to get over these dreary monsoons?

Image Courtesy: marieclaire

6. L’Oreal Nutrishine by Color Riche Lipstick

This lipstick looks delectable…..and it also shines like gloss!! Can’t wait to get my fingers on the Shiny Grapefruit shade.

Image Courtesy: lorealparis

So there’s my lust list for the month. Happy drooling!!

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  1. Thanks for the cooment...lovely blog...following you..please follow me too!! :)

  2. The necklace n the floral ballet flats are my favourite:-)

  3. @lazygulrox
    Thanks for stopping by!! Sure, I'll be a follower :-), all the best for your blog!!!

  4. @Kalyani
    The ballet flats are my favorite too!! I really need to go shoe shopping pronto :-)

  5. Hi There,

    I liked all the your "Lustful Things". I loved you blog too!

  6. those ballet flats are so damn cute. zara has something similar actually!

  7. @Sharmistha
    Thanks for stopping by!! I loved your blog too!

  8. @FashionPhD
    They do?? I was actually thinking of getting these online..but would love it if I could try them on in a shoe shop first!!