Books and Birthdays!

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Another great weekend over and I am feeling all fresh and recharged for the week :-). Maybe the fact that it’s Cub’s birthday tomorrow is adding to the excitement. Yup, my little bundle of mischief turns 3 tomorrow!! Wow, that was fast!!

When he was born, I was feeling, well….weird. I know, not very glowy-mommy of me, but it was really strange, after months of not really having much to do to suddenly being at the beck and call of a small person. I started getting frustrated with all the little things (no thanks to you, fickle post partum hormones), and my Mom used to console me saying, “That’s ok, his neck muscles will become stronger by 3 months” or “Just a matter of a few months, then he’ll sleep through the night” or “He’ll be able to sit up and play by himself in 6 months”. At that time, his age was like, 20 days old or 3 weeks old, and to me, who was struggling to turn day into night and then night into the next day, 6 months was like a million years away!!

Well, after around 3 or 4 months, that feeling wore off (thanks, hormones) and then time began to fly. Before I knew it, it was his first birthday, he was walking, then talking, then jumping and now he’s this highly opinionated little man!!! It seems funny now that I thought these days would be so far away when now I barely have time for anything!!! I’m just glad I enjoyed the formative years (mostly) and Cub’s turned out okay so far (yes, I am praising my own mothering skills :-)).

Anyway, I thought I’d review two kiddie books we ordered for the Cub from Flipkart. The first one is ‘All by Myself ‘ by Mercer Mayer, which is part of her Little Critter series.

In this book, Little Critter attempts to do a lot of stuff by himself, even things he can’t actually do, which leads to a few funny situations. This is a great book for toddlers/preschoolers who are now in the ‘I’ll do it alone’ stage. It’s a nice way to differentiate between what they can do and what they can’t do without making a mess. The book is supposed to foster independence (not that kids need any help there :-)) and encourage little ones to be safe while exploring their skills.

The Critter is really cute and the pictures are clear and bright with limited words. Perfect for some parent-child bonding time!

The second book is ‘No, David!’ by David Shannon. Apparently, David Shannon’s mother sent him a book he had made as a child, which consisted mainly of illustrations of him doing all sorts of naughty deeds with the words ‘No’ and ‘David’, as said by his mother. This resulted in the whole ‘Naughty David’ book series, of which this is the first.

This is a really fun book, which will have both parents and kids squealing with laughter at the hilarious situations created by David and his exasperated mother (who’s always in the background). The pictures are very detailed and Cub had a lot of fun pointing out familiar stuff in them. This book is a must have for both boys and girls, though boys will probably identify with David more :-).

So, I’m off to get a few things done for Cub’s birthday tomorrow. No fancy party or anything, just us and his grandparents. And of course, a cake!!

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  1. Happy birthday Cub :)
    Nice review.... i'll keep these books in mind.... you can also try books by Eric Carle.... they are colorful and a delight to kids :)

  2. Thanks Ramya!! Yes, we do have 'The Hungry Caterpillar' by Eric Carle and I have been thinking of adding more :-))