Weekly Goals Update – 22 January 2012

5:46:00 pm

This was actually supposed to go out yesterday night. Anyway, here it is!

1. Worked out for 45 minutes on 4 days, and had a 20 minute brisk walk on the day I couldn’t workout. Also, maid was on leave, so did all the household chores as well.

2. Exchanged my 1 kg weights for 2 kg weights.

3. Had at least 2 servings (and some days 3 servings) of fruit per day.

4. Did not yell or nag at ANYONE the whole week. (This is a biggie :-D)

5. Controlled my lunch portions.

6. Read a book – ‘Wise & Otherwise - A Salute to Life’ by Sudha Murthy

7. Read the paper 6 days (skipped Sunday).

8. Went shopping and shopped for just one item that was not on the list. (Yay!!)

9. Gave away all ‘To Be Altered’ clothes to the tailor. Finally!!

1. Overloaded on Dinner. Every day except one. :-(

2. Prayers were regular only 60% of the time. (Yes, I calculated)

3. Couldn’t follow house cleaning schedule, since the cleaning lady didn’t show up.

4. No weight loss as per scale.

There, only few downs, but they’re big ones. The dinner portions are my biggest problem now.

I’m kind of in a state of flux; 1 kg weights are too easy, but 2 kgs are pretty hard (though I’m still using them), ‘M’ sized clothes are loose, but ‘S’ sized ones don’t fit. In No-(Wo)man’s land right now, sigh!!!

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  1. ah don't worry,you'll do better with time...Its good to know you are trying hard to stick to your plans...good luck!!

    1. Thanks!! I've really got to try harder to meet my goals, but your encouragement really means a lot!! :-)

  2. That is a lot to take on! Don't expect to be perfect all the time...it's hard to make changes. I think you've done a fantastic job! Keep up the good work.

    I am only focusing on two things to change in my life right now: more exercise and good eating habits. It's not easy to change bad habits into good ones!

    1. I agree, it certainly isn't easy (or possible, I guess) to be perfect in all areas all the time. I too have eating right and exercising as my top priorities, and I'm trying to do a little in the other areas on the side. Your post about the wheel was really inspiring!!