Pre-Ban Haul and Some News :-)

5:48:00 pm

So, you must be wondering where I disappeared off to. I didn’t disappear anywhere but had a few health issues to deal with, so I decided to take some time off to relax.

I had been feeling really lethargic and tired for some time, and I was finding it hard to complete my workouts. I was sleepy ALL. THE. TIME. And I wasn’t feeling up to doing anything at all. So after some tests, my thyroid levels were found to be high, i.e. hypothyroidism. That explained a lot, including my stubborn weight gain J. And then I went and banged my head against a wall (accidentally, I’m not psycho) and then went and got a scan for it. Sigh!!

So, I’ve started medication for my thyroid and am feeling better now. I had stopped my workouts because of all this, but I might restart them next week, albeit slowly.

And some news from my family – my brother is getting engaged this weekend!!! It was actually kind of sudden, which was another reason I was occupied the past week J.

For those of you who don’t know: my brother is a doctor, currently doing his Post Graduation in Surgery at Kozhikode, Kerala. His bride-to-be is also a doctor, a House Surgeon at Mangalore, Karnataka and she’s also a distant relative. The wedding date is not fixed yet, though it’ll probably be in the latter half of the year. Boy, I can’t describe how excited I am!!

Anyway, coming to the present. I had an okay time during the sales, didn’t go crazy or anything. Cub and his Dad actually did most of the shopping. Reading about Tanvi’s shopping ban, I was mentally already cutting down!!

So I’ve decided to join the shopping ban along with Tanvi and many others, and I start from today, Feb 1st , and plan to continue till March 31st. I’m planning to follow Tanvi’s rules with two exceptions:

a. I’ll probably get new specs
b. I’ll have to get my sis a birthday gift next month

Also, I have a couple of orders pending delivery, so I’m not counting them. Considering the ban, I got myself some basic stuff from the sale season:

Pair of black jeans from Lee:

I love the stretch material – so soft and comfortable. I honestly think a pair of black jeans is a must in everyone’s wardrobe!

 A traditional wooden bangle stand to organize my bangles:

If you have the space for it, this is another must have in my opinion. After stacking up my bangles, I was shocked at how many I have!! After this exercise, I still have a box full!

Some dull metal bangles and shiny stone earrings from Sweet Meat Street (S.M. Street or Mittai Theruvu) in Kozhikode:

Mittai Theruvu is a cool place for street shopping in Kozhikode, you get pretty stylish accessories for half the price as in stores!! There are loads of Anarkali-type salwar suits too, but the footwear isn’t much to write home about.

I also got some cotton tunics for the coming season:

These two from Westside:

And this floral one from the online store Koovs:

Koovs has some pretty decent stuff at extremely affordable prices. They also ship quickly and the product arrives well packed. The sizing is a bit off, however. This top was almost two sizes too big for me and I had to get it altered. Along with all this, I got a pair of comfortable black sandals and a pair of beige wedges.

So I’m all set for the shopping ban J. I’ve made a list of outfits I would like to try with the clothes already in my wardrobe. If you’re planning to do the same, Imogen’s FABruary challenge might help. There are themes for every day of February, starting with ‘Arm Candy’ for day 1. This is a great idea to start thinking creatively about our clothes!!

Another helpful hint is to organize all your stuff – yes, every single thing – clothes, bags, jewelry, watches, makeup. You’ll be surprised at how much stuff you own, like I was after getting my bangle stand!! Not to mention the joy of rediscovering old, forgotten pieces J

Any of you participating in the shopping ban?? Tanvi hosts a weekly link up on her blog, so you can read about how others are faring too. Don’t forget to grab her ‘Shopping Ban’ Button!! 

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  1. Loved to see the haul...take care of your health ! Congrats on your bro's engagement.. hope you have lods of fun !
    PS- Impressive bangle collection <3

    1. Thank you, Sukanya!! Those bangles are from so many different places - I didn't realize I'd been collecting bangles from wherever I went!!

  2. Awesome haul Fab. Congrats for your brother's wedding. My brother got married recently so I can totally relate to your excitement. I would have loved to join the shopping ban but it is my anniversary this month and I can not NOT shop!! But best of luck to you and looking forward to how you mix and match stuff.

    1. Siblings' weddings are much more fun than our own weddings, right?! I know what you mean, my birthday and anniversary are both in May - I've already started a wishlist!!

  3. ooooh love the bangle stand with your pretty bangles :)

    1. Thank you!!! And to think that there are some that I haven't even worn once!!!

  4. High thyroid levels can be evil, good you found out about it.

    And now something that might make you smile...
    A big Congratulations... You have just been nominated for THE LIEBSTER BLOG AWARD. You can view the details right here -

    Look forward to hearing from you...

    1. Wow, Thank you so much!!! This is definitely something to make me smile!! Can't wait to check it out!!

  5. Heyy first time to your blog..

    Simply superb ..and yeah congrats for your bro's engagement :):)

    Keep posting :)

    Sangeetha Menon

  6. Hey Fab, Hope ur all happy n healthy now! Congrats on your bro's engagement..will look forward to all the details on outfits and accessories!! I'm on the shopping ban too, hopefully till June..good to know I'm not alone!!


    1. Thank you, Kalyani!! Yeah, it really helps to know that there are many like us out there tightening their purse strings :-)

  7. Love your bangles and kurtis. Take care of yourself buddy.


  8. am not taking part in the it never works for me..have done it before on my own and ended up buying more clothes post ban!!!

    love the kurtis..bright and colorful!!

    Take care on your thyroid, i know its a bummer!!

    1. Yeah, thyroid is a sneaky little thing, it's most probably the last thing you suspect!! So far the ban has stopped me from online window shopping, thus lessening my 'desires' :-)

  9. I want that bangle stand. Do you know where I can get it now? I had one but it got misplaced during renovation:(
    I love the print of your tunics and Congratulations for your brother's wedding:)

    Eccentric Connoisseur

    1. Thank you!! I got mine at a local store, but you can find it online here -|search_bangle%20stand.