Weekly Goal Update – 24 February 2013

10:14:00 pm

So how have you guys been spending the weekend??? Thanks to the two days strike, I felt like the whole week was one big weekend. Isn’t it ironic, we strike for two days because all prices are up, and then everyone goes crazy shopping and stocking up on stuff the day before the strike starts?? Crazy world!!

So here’s how my week went:

1. I worked out 5 days – 3 days of my Total Body Workout CD and 2 days of Yoga.

2. I drank lots of water and also had my quota of green tea.

3. I controlled my portions during the week. (Not very good, but better than last week)

4. I was on schedule with my blog posts and guest posts.

5. We had a lot of bonding time as a family, thanks to the strike – we even had an indoor picnic one day!

6. I watched three good movies this week in three different languages:

‘The Descendents’ (English)

‘English Vinglish’ (Hindi)

‘Diamond Necklace’ (Malayalam)

It feels so good after watching decently made movies!!

7. We made a craft together, (well, we all worked on it in parts) – a popsicle stick pen stand. Go here for instructions:

1. I overate on the weekend, while at the in-laws. There was just so much food, I lost all control L. What’s worse, not much of what I had contained vegetables L.

2. I was well behaved most of the week, but was a bit of a nag towards the weekend, blame PMS!!

3. I had brownies during the week and an Amul Frostick during the weekend, which was after a very long time. I have to say that the size seems to be halved and the taste is nothing like I remember it to be.

4. Some household stuff got delayed, purely due to procrastination L

So it wasn’t a bad week for me, though could be better, especially in the overeating department. Looking forward to a productive and well managed week ahead!!

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  1. Hey Fab, looks like you achieved a lot! I totally agree with you on the strike bit !! Your goals are helping me work towards having a fitness plan too, hope it works!

    1. Thank you, Kalyani!! And yes, I hope it works for you too!

  2. Don't beat yourself up. You covered a lot of your goals. You deserve good food. :D