Weekly Goal Update – 17 February 2013

8:00:00 pm

Aha, there you are, goal update!! After all that lofty goal making, the updates have been playing truant J. So here goes, but first:

Shopping Ban Update

I am Fab and I am a recovering shopaholic.

Ok, just kidding, but I have been completely shopping free for February so far. I’ve found that ever since the ban started, I’ve become more vigilant about grocery shopping as well!!

1. Worked out 5 days last week – 3 days of yoga, one day of brisk walking and two days on the treadmill. Loved it!!

2. Controlled portions a little. Resisted an opportunity to have Biryani and opted for Chapathi and Palak Paneer instead.

3. Started drinking green tea.

4. Started reading ‘Quentins’ by Maeve Binchy.

5. Helped Cub with his activity books and read with him.

6. Started making weekly plans, listing out activities for each day of the week including workout, blogging, meal plan and chores.

7. Didn’t nag anyone all week. Unbelievable!!!

1. Still overdoing it at meals, despite cutting down.

2. Had chocolate cake during the week.

3. Fruit intake was low.

4. Haven’t made much progress regarding getting a job.

So, last week was not bad! Hope things don’t get worse this week J. How has it been going with you guys and your resolutions??

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  1. I wish I could say that I haven't nagged anyone... :)

    1. Ha ha!! For me too, an entire week without nagging is huge!! Loved your birthday lunch photos :-)