Outfit Post – Bright and Sunny!

5:05:00 pm

Yes, it’s getting brighter and sunnier here and so I decided that my outfit wouldn’t be left behind :). Hence the explosion of bright colors below.

This outfit features several new buys, including my recent purchases from Jabong. I wore this recently on a series of visits to my various aunts and cousins. I’m generally not very fond of such visits and prefer to stay home; so I thought I’d wear all my new things to put myself in a positive state of mind. And people say retail therapy is a waste!!

These pictures were shot by my sister in my parents’ lawn, which explains all that greenery.

The yellow kurta from W is perfect for summer. It is 100% cotton and super comfortable; what’s more, it is a good fit in my wardrobe, and I can think of many ways to wear it. Here, I paired it with bright pink.

Introducing my pink Lavie shoes:

I had fun accessorizing this outfit. My favorite piece here is this new necklace from Giggles, a fun online jewelry store with several pretty pieces at really reasonable rates.

More pink in the form of the bangle on one hand and my trusty Titan Raga watch on the other (I should get a pink watch too :))

These earrings with multicolored stones are borrowed *cough* stolen *cough* from my Mom and are part of a complete set with a necklace and bracelet as well.

That’s me, inspecting the leaves of that tree. My hair decided to choose this particular day to revolt with frizz. Have I mentioned that I hate humidity?

Outfit Details:

Yellow Kurta – W (from Jabong)
Pink Dupatta and Churidar – Max (part of a salwar suit set)
Pink Peeptoe Flats – Lavie (from Jabong)
Multicolored Necklace – Giggles
Pink Wooden Bangle – Fabindia
Stone Earrings – Mom’s
Watch – Titan Raga
Frizzy Hair – Humidity (from Kerala)

I want to get some more cotton tunics and kurtas for summer and then I’m planning to go on a shopping ban till the end of April. I would extend it but May is my birthday month and I’m no angel :). Maybe I’ll restart from June till the sale season starts.

Are you all set with your summer wardrobes? Or are you planning to do some more shopping?


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  1. Finally, we see your face here!! :P You look amazing, Fab ^_^ Love that pendant...and your shoes are so pretty!!

    1. I know, and it still feels weird, seeing my face up there!!

  2. Yellow suits you well, Masha Allah. Loved seeing your face too. You make putting together an outfit look easy. :)


    1. Thank you Neelu!! I love yellow and was looking for a yellow kurta for the longest time and was really happy to find exactly what I wanted!!!

  3. Yay!! This one will be a memorable post for the readers..its nice to see you Fab! Love that reluctant yet happy smile! I always love pairing yellow with fuchsia and bright pinks! Your way of writing, the cheerfulness, sarcasm and humor are definitely what I enjoy:-))
    Thanks so much for following along and your comments!

    1. Thank you so much, Kalyani!!! Your words mean a lot, always!!

  4. YELLOW AND RED...Great combo!!!!
    W is such a comforting brand!

    1. Thank you! I always admire kurtas from W, but strangely, I've only bought two so far :).

  5. W kurta sizes can be so confusing...the same size 8 can be fit, or loose based on the pattern...I loved your ensemble...so classy..and definitely something I would with my eyes closed...

    1. Thank you!! You're right about the sizing, I had to exchange mine because I miscalculated the size!! But eventually, I got exactly what I wanted.