Monthly Goal Update - February 2014

9:30:00 pm

February just flew by and it’s March already!! Many people refer to this season as spring, but here in Kerala, it’s already quite warm and sunny. Though the extreme humidity and the feeling that you’re going to melt hasn’t yet set in. Yes, I hate summers here!!!

February was a mixed bag for me. I was ill for a few days, then I traveled to Delhi, and then I returned with a bit of an upset tummy; so my routines were turned upside down :(.

1. Health – Like I mentioned, I was ill – nagging dry cough, tummy trouble and a fever. Along with my travelling, I missed quite a few days of working out. The days I did, I followed the same schedule as I did in January, substituting the tougher ones for Jane Fonda’s Low Impact Aerobics on the days I wasn’t feeling so good. Absolutely no change on the scale.

Plus side – lots of fruit and lots of water. I told you it was getting hotter :).

2. Family – This month has seen me spending more time with Cub, lots of Lego, some reading, crafting and simply talking. He’s having more interesting conversations now, with lots of stories from school!! I didn’t get to spend much time with my siblings though; one’s preparing for her board exams, the other’s busy with work.

3. Time Management – I’ve realized my biggest waste of time is social media. Strong discipline has become necessary. I woke up early on most days, and it gives a good feeling to complete the major tasks by noon.

4. Writing/Blogging – I got an opportunity to guest post on the amazing Corinne’s blog, Everyday Gyaan. I enjoyed doing it and loved the response it got! I’ve been scouting around for more and a few things are in the pipeline. A review of the online shopping website Jabong was also accomplished in Feb. Otherwise, blogging has been off schedule what with the travel and all.

5. Budget – I was under control with regards to shopping, but we did eat out too much this month, even when we weren’t travelling. Eating out is surprisingly expensive, when you add it up at the end of the month! Again bought books this month :).

6. Personal – I visited Delhi, albeit for a couple of days (post coming soon). I used that opportunity to try out a few outfits. I watched just one movie, Jane Eyre (not impressed). Also started watching Castle Season 5. I finished reading ‘Wuthering Heights’ and started ‘The Happiness Project’. I’ve been irregular with my prayers, which I don’t like – timely prayers really boost my mood and keep me peaceful.

Word of the Year – I have made conscious effort by reminding myself several times a day to be mindful of what I’m doing. It’s harder than I thought, but I’m trying.
For March, more focus on restricting social media time and eating home-cooked food. Also, I need to focus more on my prayers – best chance to practice mindfulness!!

How has the shortest month been for all of you out there? Are you still staying true to your word of the year?

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