CouponzGuru: A Place to get the Best Restaurant Deals Online in India

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Have you ever had an experience where you ran a high tab while having food at a restaurant and then realized that other people ordering the same food were getting a discount? The reason for that discount lies in deals and discount sites on the Internet.

You can get fabulous deals on the Internet for the restaurant of your choice but you need to search in the right places. Websites where you can order food frequently come up with great deals and offers in partnership with restaurant chains or financial institutions, which can be availed when you visit them.

Another option is to try various online coupon sites which offer coupon codes for ordering food from various restaurant chains. Here are some of the best places to look for restaurant deals on the internet.

·         Groupon.co.in – Groupon.co.in is the Indian subsidiary of the global deals site groupon.com. The website comes with exclusive offers and deals every day in partnership with various restaurants and hotels, offering food, buffet or party invitations at a discount. You have to choose your city of residence and register on the website before you can get the deals mentioned on it. Each restaurant deal comes with conditions that are set by the restaurant and need to be considered before choosing a deal. The discounts offered can be as much as 70% for a four course meal at a renowned restaurant.

·         Snapdeal.com – Snapdeal is the Indian avatar of Groupon. Earlier, the website was a deals only website now; it has also forayed into online retailing. The website works the same way as Groupon does, by offering one deal every day among various cities and across different segments like hotel stays, eateries, coffee shops etc. Snapdeal.com also offers astonishing discounts and deals and the participating restaurants might have conditions of their own for participation.

·         Foodpanda.in – Foodpanda.in is a food ordering portal which is associated with over 3000 restaurants. It regularly comes up with discounts and offers in participation with restaurants, financial institutions etc. Customers need to register on the website and verify their mobile numbers after which they can select a restaurant deal from the website. They also offer special deals on food; for more details visit Food Panda at Couponz Guru.

·         Justeat.in – Justeat.in works in a way similar to websites mentioned above and also comes up with deals and discounts with the restaurants it has an association with. The website caters to over 50 cities across India and gives customers in these cities an option to get discounts on their favorite restaurant. For extra discounts visit Just Eat at Couponz Guru.

·         Tastykhana.in- Tastykhana.in is an Indian food ordering website that has been in business since 2007. It has an association with over 5000 restaurant in 4 cities and comes up with deals like ‘Biryani festival’, ‘Brunch @99” regularly.

     Anyone looking for deals on restaurants and eateries in their city can also visit coupon sites like CouponzGuru ; these websites have coupon codes for all leading food ordering websites and other food portals in India.

Have you ever ordered food online? Did you use any special coupons for discounts?

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  1. The deals sure do look promising. Coupon sites are a blessing for students like who are always broke and yet addicted to online shopping :D

    1. Yes they are, one just needs to be aware of them!

  2. I use it all the time! Though they are just a place were all the deals are already there on individual sites. Nothing new or secretive like an extra 10% off or something! :P
    I am greedy!