Lust List - December

4:52:00 pm

The last lust list of the year!!! Wow, time is speeding by, I feel like I just posted November’s lust list last week!!

There are actually a lot of things I am lusting after right now. (In addition to making me lazy, this time of the year also makes me very materialistic :-)). However, I’ve shortened the list to these beauties. Feast your eyes on them, girls!!

1. Dark Orange Rodna Halter Dress

Source: Anthropologie

Isn’t the cut of this Anthropologie dress lovely? Perfect for the parties you’ve got all those invites for. Of course, if you live in colder climes, a coat will be needed, for which see end of list. This is actually dark orange though it looks kinda red in the picture. I love it anyway!!

2. Red Cosmetic Pouch

Source: Hidesign

I like most of Hidesign’s stuff, despite comments that they all look alike. This cosmetic pouch is simply darling and it has a pocket in front too!! So cute, I want to use it as a handbag/clutch/something-to-show-the-world!

3. Charlie Striped Mug

Source: CBS Store

Mmm, yes I know, not usual lust list stuff. But it’s true, I have been looking for a similar mug (also, cheaper) ever since I saw it on Two and a Half Men. I admit, I’m not really a fan of the show, though hubby is (all men are Neanderthals!); but the mug caught my eye and since then I’ve wanted to make it mine.

4. Color Block Scarf

 Source: Asos

Please don’t yawn on seeing ‘color block’. Just look at the scarf. Pretty, right? It goes great with neutrals like shown, though I would prefer to wear it with a solid colored bright dress in one of the colors being blocked. P.S. – Any resemblance to Charlie’s Mug shown above is purely coincidental :-)

5. Lace Snowflake Necklace

 Source: Etsy

Perfect for Christmas!! Even if it doesn’t snow where you live :P. I like the gentle colors and the delicate patterns. Something very dreamy about it.

6. Metallic Flat Sandals

Source: Aldo

Assuming you have a whole lot of parties and things coming up and assuming that you’re planning to dance at them, I would like to suggest these comfy yet glam flats from Aldo. They have a whole range of lovely flats, but I liked these the most.

7. Suede Trim Trench Coat

Source: Burberry

I’ve saved the best for the last. Ladies, here is the Suede Trim Trench Coat from Burberry in Dark Canvas Green. Yes, I know, you want it. And you want it now. How can you not? Look at that lovely rich color and that texture. Don’t you want to touch it?? I do. (Long sigh) :-).

So, which one did you like the most? Any special plans for year-end shopping?? Let me know!!

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  1. Me liking this list but, unfortunately we don't have winters here:(

  2. I loved your list. My favorites are the Red Cosmetic Pouch,The Snowflake necklace and of course the Trench coat(its SUPER AWESOME!!).... :D
    Sad Kolkata never experiences proper winter,the lowest temp being around 8 degrees Celsius :(

  3. I go with the necklace and the coat.
    & a color block scarf won't harm either.

  4. the coat...and the scarf :)

  5. @opal I know, is a little snow in South India too much to ask for :-)?? But seriously, I wouldn't mind some extreme temperatures to do some major layering!!

  6. @Swarnali 8 degrees!! I wish it were at least that cold here :-(. This past week has been especially hot.

  7. @suze-me Yup, the coat seems to be on everyone's lust list!!

  8. @Ramya The scarf is the more wearable piece, at least in India!!

  9. that necklace is so pretty and simple :)

  10. @FashionPhD You can buy it from here if you like

  11. Yeah I can understand,I spent my entire childhood in Cochin. But Winter is not my favorite season,so am not really happy with Kolkata,Cochin's climactic conditions were way better,at least i liked them more :)

  12. That red/orange dress is just so perfect!

  13. That mug is so cheery! I want!

  14. @Jill I love both the cut and the color!

  15. @Kristin Same here, can't find it in stores, so might as well order it online :-)

  16. I want the dress, necklace, flats and that coat. I. Need.