Blue Green!

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Hiya!!! I just recently realized that I didn’t have any outfit posts this month, so here goes!! This is an outfit I wore last weekend with my parents. It was a wet rainy day and I somehow felt like wearing blue and green; you know, something like this:

Image Source: hdwallsbox

 Thus was born this outfit :-).

Close up of the paisley print:

Kurta: Max

Patiala: Westside
Dupatta: Westside
Necklace: Westside
Earrings: Fabindia
Watch: Fastrack
Bangles: Local Store

It was raining then and I kept waiting for my dupatta to flutter in the breeze a.k.a. Bollywood movies, but the stubborn thing refused to budge on it own.

Speaking of the rains, I bought a pair of standard Bata flats to squelch it out. But not only did they give me terrible shoe bite, the sole is so thin that I could feel every little stone and pebble as I walked. I don’t know how so many people walk around in them.

So I ended up getting another pair from Lifestyle:

Nice and Neon, aren’t they? They are thicker soled and of a slightly softer material, so I haven’t got shoe bite so far. But I’m still on the lookout for those perfect rainy wear shoes.

Oh, by the way, my keyboards broken and I can’t type ‘2’, ‘s’, ‘w’ and ‘x’. Look at your keyboard; they’re in a diagonal line. Don’t ask how I typed out this post; lets just say that I’m the most committed blogger ever :-).

Do you have any specific wardrobe choices for the monsoons? What are they?

Image Source: commentsyard

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  1. Ah green and blue !! They make the most soothing combo and it looks great on you. I am drooling over your neck piece!! :D :D
    Yeah the Bata slippers are very thin soled. I had planned to buy them but ditched the idea when I waked wearing them at the showroom. The Lifestyle pair looks absolutely gorgeous!! Perfect color splash for the monsoon :)

    1. I love this color combo and wanted to try it out for a while, so buying this kurta was devoid of any hesitation! I think my Lifestyle flats actually glow in the dark; they are that bright!!

    2. Whoa!! You got glow in the dark shoes :P

  2. that's my favorite color combo and the kurta is so elegant :) i liked those neon shoes and your bangles too :)

    1. One of my faves too, Ramya! Those bangles were available in every color under the sun, I just got a few :-)

  3. Loved the pairing of colors and the Kurta :). I can't understand how people wear those Bata shoes, I mean they give me terrible shoe bites. After my 4th time I just ditched of my friends have similar Bata shoes but the material is jelly like and it doesn't give shoe bites. I am on a look out for the shoe but no success as yet...

    1. Those shoes look really tempting in the store, in all those bright colors. I have a pretty bad history with Bata footwear, for some reason, they always end up being discarded :-(