Weekly Goals Update - 17 June 2012

10:18:00 pm

Hello...Hope you guys had a great weekend!! Mine was fun....some eating out, bit of shopping and watching Madagascar 3!!! That really is a fun movie :-) It also goes on record to be the first movie Cub is watching in a theater. And he was quite well behaved throughout, sat still wearing the 3D glasses and everything :-). And this also happens to be the first movie I’ve watched in a theater in more than a year!! Mommyhood means loads n loads of sacrifices, see??

Image Source: newsnevents

Now on to how my week was...not very productive I'm afraid :-(

1. Had sufficient intake of fruits.
2. Made To Do lists and followed them pretty well.
3. Prayers were quite regular
4. Shopped within my shopping list :-)
5. Started reading a book – ‘Hunger Games’ by Suzanne Collins
6. Spent a lot of time with Cub doing Activity books and playing

1. Worked out only on one day (I know, I’m hanging my head in shame as I type this)
2. Threw portion control out of the window the past few days
3. Didn’t read the newspapers much
4. Woke up late most days of the week.

Well, not at all a productive week. But anyways, my weekend was so much fun, I’m all recharged for this week!!!

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  1. I need to start on those hunger games books! I seem to be the only one behind the curve on that I guess! LOL! Hope you are having a wonderful day!
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    1. I thought I was the last one to join the Hunger Games ride!!! I've reached the book halfway, and it's been interesting so far :-)

  2. I watched the movie too!! I love the series of Madagascar!! Afro-Circus hehehehehe....