Happy New Year! (Along with my 2013 Plan and 2012 Update)

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Here we are!!! In a shiny, brand new year, brimming over with hopes and possibilities!! A fresh start is always a great feeling, and the first day of every year has got to be the most optimistic day across the globe :-).

Last year (feels a little weird calling 2012 ‘last year’), I decided to bring some accountability into my resolution process by sharing my weekly updates with you, my dear blog readers. I did it for nearly the whole year, and faltered in the last two months. But I have to say, that is the longest I have ever stuck to my resolutions. Also, the two months I didn’t keep up with my blog updates were the two months I didn’t stick to my goals either.

First, my 2012 report card J.

(You can check out my 2012 resolutions in more detail here.)

1. Quality Time with Cub: One example to show how consciously making an effort to do something gives completely different results from expecting that it’ll automatically get done. Cub and I had really fun times with crafts, legos, reading and such. Though I need to make our together-time sacrosanct, and ensure it gets done no matter what.

2. Fitness: This is one goal that requires constant motivation. The best is the Nike caption “Just Do It”. My finding is that it’s best to do as soon as you wake up in the morning, before you have time to think of excuses. If you get your gear ready the night before, even higher chance of getting to work out. Once it’s out of the way first thing in the morning, you can feel proud of yourself the rest of the day J.

3. Regular Prayers: A good area for me this year. I am not 100% regular, but way better than last year and I feel quite good about it. For this, I began waking up at 5:30 every morning and now it’s become a habit.

4. Reading: I read a book almost every fortnight and I am so glad to have made this a resolution!! I don’t think I would have renewed my interest in reading if I hadn’t set a goal like this!

1. Regular Blog posting: Well, the year started off regular, and tapered off towards the end. I was however active with guest posts and Parentous, and made a whole lot of new blogger friends. I even got to meet two of them in person – Ria from Ria’s Collection and Neelu from Creating Memories!! I also managed to participate in a few events, some InFB ones and joined the Baking Partners Group.

2. Less Nagging: I am really making an effort on this one. It was almost a gone case, but I began rescuing it in the latter half of the year. I have two potential victims, so it’s double the effort J.

3. Healthy Eating: This is a mixed bag. I have been eating fruit regularly and drinking a lot of water, but that’s about it. My meal timings are off, my portions are not controlled and I have been OD-ing on desserts – all thanks to my new interest in baking! Through the last year, I have discovered this: if I eat less and don’t workout, I lose weight, but don’t have any energy. If I workout without cutting down on food, I don’t lose weight, although I don’t gain any either. Lowering food intake as well as working out is necessary if I am to lose weight without losing my mind/energy/glow/hair.

1. Cleaner Home: I don’t think my home has been messier than it has been last year. Especially the ironing. Oh my God, the ironing!! It bothered me the whole year, till I finally decided in December to outsource it. Whew!! Still, deep cleaning suffered, and I was irregular with the dishes and pretty much everything. Only the kitchen got organized a bit.

2. Updated with news: I have to say that I did turn out better than I was before 2012, especially since I liked ibnlive on Facebook. I was in touch with the headlines, though I couldn’t really engage in debate on most topics.

3. Adventurous style: Nope. Nothing. Na da. I was supposed to have two OOTDS in a month and I have failed miserably here. I shopped much less, which is a plus, but I didn’t utilize my wardrobe properly. I just checked and there are many clothes I haven’t worn even once (that’s right, even once) in the whole of 2012. Terrible.

A few other things I hadn’t planned on, but done anyway in 2012:

1. Baking – I’ve really enjoyed this new hobby of mine and I think I’ve become better at it too J

2. Less TV – I automatically cut down on my TV watching time. Not a conscious decision, all that crap on TV just didn’t seem too enticing.

3. Worrying – I don’t know how this came about – I’m generally not a worrier. But a few times last year, I found myself going crazy with worry and working up terrible scenarios in my mind and then going crazier. Not a good habit to take in to 2013.

4. Time management – Terrible. 24 hours are just not enough for me.

All in all, I’m not disappointed. I wish I could say that I gave it my best shot, but I know I haven’t, although I’m glad I tried. And like I said, this is the best resolution-sticking I’ve ever done so far!!

Now, coming to this year. I’m going to continue doing the stuff I’ve made a habit of since last year, like the book reading, less TV, baking, following news on Facebook and outsourcing boring chores, so I’m not repeating them here.

Goal Plan for 2013

1. Fitness – Half an hour exercise at least 5 days a week. Weigh every morning before breakfast and measure every month. Optional: Yoga once a week.

2. Healthy Eating – No second helpings. Fixed meal times. Dessert once a week.

3. Educational time with Cub – Like I mentioned earlier, make this time sacrosanct. Include more educational stuff (ABCs, counting etc.) within crafts and playtime and slightly more complex reading.

4. Being more caring – This applies to everyone – hubs & son, parents, siblings, neighbors. Go beyond just nice and do a little extra to brighten up someone’s day. Obviously includes the ‘no-nagging’ clause.

5. Communication with God – Keep up with prayers, be more mindful. Let go of worry and put trust in God.

6. Job – Try to get a work at home job that’ll not eat too much into my day.

7. Time management and Prioritizing – This itself is top priority. Plan for the week, set a routine for the day and stick to it.

8. Keep the flame alive – Not let Amanat/Nirbhaya’s death go in vain. The poor girl went through hell and still struggled to live. We started a movement and got everyone to sit up and take notice. We can’t let all that go to waste and we just CANNOT let things go back to the state they were in. Think of ourselves as fighters, we cannot afford to let even a tiny little thing just slide by. Every perpetrator, no matter how ‘small’ his crime, has to pay for his deeds. Read this excellent piece for more: ‘It is no longer not my problem’ by amreekandesi. 
Many people said that 2012 signified the end of the world as we know it and the beginning of a new one. This was probably for us, the women of India.

What have you guys planned for this year? If anyone has any goal similar to mine and would like to keep score together, let me know, I’d love to have a buddy!! I plan to continue my weekly updates on the blog and would love to know your plans too J.

Thank you, dear readers, for being with me and encouraging me throughout. We’ve had good and bad times last year, so let’s pray for a much better 2013, filled with peace, health and happiness. Happy New Year!!

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  1. I like your Goal updates!! Didn't know they were yearly too...all of us agree on your last goal..it should be everyone's goal of the year..All the very best for them!! Happy New year!! :)


    1. Thank you, Rashmi!! Yup, last year was the first time my resolutions took on a 'yearly' dimension :-)

  2. Taking a cue, I am keeping a tab on my resolution this year...:)

  3. Fab, great goals, and yes I have been baking more than I ever have, isnt it a great stress buster too? Happy new year to you and family!

    1. It sure is, Poonam!! Just cooking doesn't excite me as much as baking does - I can do it no matter how tired I am!! Happy New Year to you too!

  4. That's a detailed and very objective round-up of the year that went by! Wishing you a very happy 2013 and may you achieve all the goals that you have set for yourself!
    Cheers :)

    1. Thank you so much, Shilpa!! Wish you and your family a lovely 2013 too!

  5. Quality time with cub? How I need to do the same.

    Great list...Happy New Year!

    1. Thank you, Ameena!! Wish you and your family a very Happy New Year too!

  6. Fab this is my first comment here... though I visit your blog regularly and read your posts on Parentous as well... love the way you pen your thoughts down.

    1. Thank you so much, Falak! It feels great to hear positive comments like yours!! And you have an awesome blog too, and you touch upon very relevant topics!!