Weekly Goal Update – 6 January 2013

12:35:00 pm

My first week in the new year and I have no good news regarding my goals L. My knees started acting up again, so I had to fore go my workouts. Then Cub got sick towards the end of the week, and that threw my time management off track too.

1. Ate loads of fruit and salads. The salad thing is very unlike me, and I find I really like them!

2. Controlled portions throughout the day.
3. Prayers were quite regular.

4. Started on some Preschool Skills workbooks with Cub.

5. I was in a good mood all through the week, except on one occasion on the weekend when I yelled at poor Cub.

6. Organized my sister’s wardrobe. She’s lying in bed with a fractured foot, so I decided to do something vis-à-vis my ‘Do more than just be nice’ resolution.

1. Didn’t workout the whole week.

2. Dinner was late, and as a result, over my portion limit.

3. Gorged on sweets only during the weekend, but the quantity was well…let’s just say I’m not proud of myself.

So not a good week for my resolutions. But overall, it was a fun week – Both my parents’ birthdays, spending time with the family and watching movies.

Focus for the next week will be fine tuning my daily routine, loads of writing and some home-organizing. What about you guys?

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  1. Looks like you had a good week, even though not able to follow resolutions, you did very well.

  2. That's a very early review of the new year goals. But timely reviews help to focus better! :D
    Take care of yourself and hope the lil one is better too.

    1. Very true, Shilpa! Timely reviews are crucial to the success of any goal!