Lust List - April

11:09:00 am

Hot! Hot! Hot!! Can’t think of another word to describe the current weather!! Whew!!! Hope the pretty stuff below will succeed in cooling you a little :-).

1. Floral Print Blouse

This lovely blouse from Robert Cavalli is a treat in gorgeous spring colors. With a boat slit neckline, this is something that will look great on all shapes and sizes. It has a luxurious look, also considering it is 100% silk.

2. Special Edition Sunglasses

Yum, yum. These Gucci babies are part of a special edition collection to celebrate Gucci's 90th anniversary. Doesn’t that cherry color leather frame make you want to grab them off the computer screen?

3. Blingy Basket Bag

Image Courtesy: sbeulah.onsugar

Basket bags just spell spring, don’t they? Now, what if they were also a little embelished and made to look really cute? You’ve got your wish, Ma’am. Presenting the Coco Country Bag from Chanel. Isn’t she pretty?

4. Embroidered Full Skirt

Take a look at this darling and tell me you don’t want to be the girl wearing it. You want it? No worries, this net mesh skirt is available at ASOS. Now go ahead and order, I’ll wait.

5. Striped Hat

Image Courtesy: shopbop

I honestly don’t know why no one wears hats in India. I can’t think of better protection from the harsh sun. I guess crowded bus/trains are probably the ones playing spoilsport. Anyway, that doesn’t stop us from lusting after this Bunny Toyo Bolo Sun Hat.

6. Pizza Jewelry

Pizza lovers – these are for you. Well, even if you’re not a pizza lover, I’m sure you’ll still admire these cute little creations from an Etsy shop named ‘The Menu’. They have quite a few unique pieces, of which I’ve featured the ‘Pepperoni Pizza Ring’ and the ‘Whole Deluxe Pizza Necklace’ here.

Warning: You may be into food jewelry, but you should know where to draw the line. Example shown below:

Image Courtesy: upperrepublic

Hope everyone liked the list!! Ok, I’m off to get some cold lemonade, you guys chill too!!!

Image Courtesy: tigrss

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  1. love da striped hat ! :)

    1. Me too!! Really wish I could carry it off :-)