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Happy April, everyone!! Here are some lovely links to start your month :-)

Let’s start with a sight for sore eyes. You are going to turn green with envy when you see Mai’s gorgeous,gorgeous dressing room featured by Jen at Made By Girl.

Still digging the owl trend? Then you’ll love Sarah’s owl themed nail art at Chalkboard Nails.

For those of you men who wonder what your wives ‘do at home all day’ while you are ‘out earning for the family’, here is financial website Mint’s answer featured at Swanky Baby.

Feel like you’re facing a blogger’s block? Jessica at What I Wore has some tips to help you through it.

Ever wondered how Jennifer Aniston looks the way she does at her age? Here are her secrets!

You’ve made that resolution and started out great on the first day. But fitness is a life long journey and Jen at Daily Spark tells you how you can make that choice every day.

Love this easy look in green by Melissa at ClothedMuch.

If you’re going nuts about your overcrowded and overwhelming life, Joshua will help put things in perspective at Organizing Your Way.

Wondering wear to hold your bag to highlight your best features? Imogen has the tips at Inside Outside Style.

Bigotry and Racism reach new lows as highlighted by Amanne at Urban Bedou Girl.

I wish Laura would come over and magically transform my kitchen into something like hers seen at Organizing Junkie!!

Speaking of being judgmental based on what we wear, Sal has a pretty insightful piece on the same topic at Already Pretty.

Hope you guys enjoyed the links!! Let me know if you have a favorite!!

Image Courtesy: dazzlejunction

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  1. Jessica at "What I Wore" is great, isn't she? So glad I read this post so I can go check her out's been a while.

    Hope you are having a fantastic weekend so far!

    1. I really love Jessica's style!! She brings a fun feel to every outfit, and her photographs are so happy happy :-)

  2. Will check these blogs out. Thanks for sharing.

    1. You're welcome!! Hope you enjoy them :-)

  3. that kitchen is so beautiful...and the post by Joshua :)
    lovely links Fab...thanks for sharing :)

  4. Thank you sooo much for these articles..They are gems and I loved reading all of them ! :)