Weekly Goals Update – 29 April 2012

9:28:00 pm

This week just flew by!!! Honestly, does anyone else feel like this year is moving along too fast?? Well, just shows that you got to really enjoy every moment of every day!!

1. Worked out 30 minutes on 4 days, upped the intensity this week.
2. Practised pretty good portion control throughout the week.
3. Maintained my fruit and veggie intake
4. Maintained my house cleaning schedule even though the maid is MIA
5. Read the paper almost everyday

1. Nagged the hubs quite a lot and yelled at Cub once.
2. Didn’t spend much one on one time with Cub
3. Blog schedule is haywire.
4. Prayers are still not on track.

Monthly Review – April

April has been a month of recovery for my knees, with some low impact exercising. I am really proud that I have finally learnt to control my portions. My weight loss goal at the beginning of the year was 5 kg, of which I have lost 2 kg to date. I know, slow progress but steady progress nevertheless. What I’ve learnt is that portion control is really, really important for me to lose weight, and exercising keeps that weight off. Also, I’ve started weighing myself everyday, and I feel a real sense of control now.

Prayers and regular blogging are my major areas of improvement for next month. Also more time and activities with Cub, I read very little to him last month and I feel really bad about it.

I’m so excited about May – it’s my birthday and anniversary month!!! Well, catch you guys later, hope you're having a nice summer!!

Image Courtesy: fluffemotted.blogspot

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