Journal Your Ramadan - Days 11 & 12

7:00:00 pm

I guess Lazy Me has really liked the idea of combining two Ramadan Journal posts into one :-). Well, whatever works, right?? :-D

Day 11 – ‘Grocery Bill’

This is my grocery bill of the week. We already had a lot of stuff leftover from last week, so this week was light on the groceries. It did feel a wee bit weird, dumping groceries on the table, hunting for bill, then camera and immediately clicking a picture before I forgot :-).

Day 12 – ‘Prayer/Forgive’

This is a poster that has been with me a long time. I really like the words on it. It seems to cover any problem that you might have – past regrets, worries about the future or difficulty dealing with the present. Short, but succinct.

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