Journal Your Ramadan – Days 24 – 27

10:39:00 am

My Journal Posts are lagging again!! It’s the end of Ramadan and things are just crazy over here. There’s loads and loads to do, and so little time!! Shopping, cleaning, decorations, dress alterations, along with extended prayers. Whew!!!

Day 24 – In Your Mail

This was in my mail on Day 24, a subscribed mail from shopyourwardrobe.com. Jill Chivers lists out 33 ways to cull your closet. A very informative article and you can read about it here.

Day 25 – White

This was an Eid gift we received – a lovely white dinner set. I think I’ll take it out to serve our Eid feast!!

Day 26 – Joy

I don’t really have a photo, but this Ramadan has been quite blessed with food and joy for me. I found this lovely quote and thought I’d share it with you.

Day 27 - Shopping

This salwar suit wasn’t actually shopped by me, but was gifted by my father-in-law :-). He always gets all of us new clothes for Eid :-).

Okay, gotta go guys, a mountain of chores awaits!!!

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  1. Eid is round the corner...so heres wishing you a happy EID!!

    like the salwar color..bright!!!