Link List - July

12:11:00 pm

The link list has been missing for a while now, hasn’t it? So let’s not waste any more time and jump straight into it!!!

1. Imogen at Inside Out Style has a very useful post about choosing a necklace to work with your neckline. Honestly, she thinks of everything!!

2. Ever wanted really cool shots of yourself in your stylish outfits but don’t have a dedicated photographer? Elycia has some tips at Shrimp Salad Circus.

3. Alka from FreeBird points out the problems Munni and Chikni Chameli create regarding objectification of women.

4. If you’re the type who empties her wallet shopping for clothes and still has nothing to wear, J from J’s Everyday Fashion comes to the rescue.

5. For those times when we’re overwhelmed and don’t have time for anything – a great post about blog-life balance on IFB.

6. You’ve heard how To Do lists make life easy. Prerna guest posts at Work Your Way, about how a ‘Not-Do List’ can also help.

7. Sal at Already Pretty discusses what it means to wear clothes belonging to another culture.

8. Are you a Mom who’s going nuts with no time to rest? Intentional Homemaker has the solution.

9. Jenny from Babblings of a Mommy shares some nifty little tricks to tidy up your home and recycle at the same time.

10. Still struggling to find that elusive ‘personal style’. Allie at Wardrobe Oxygen has some very useful tips to lead you on the right path.

11. Finally, here’s a fun test for you to do. How well do you think you identify shades of colors?? No more guessing with this Online Color Challenge at x-rite.

So how did you find this month’s links?? And how did you score in the color challenge test? Let me know in the comments!!

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