Journal Your Ramadan – Days 20 – 23

5:50:00 pm

I spent the weekend visiting relatives, so the Journal posts have been lagging behind a little :-).

Day 20 – Something Crafty

This mosque craft is very slightly modified from the one at ‘A Muslim Child is Born’. Cub had fun spray painting the stars and painting the cotton balls green for the trees.

Day 21 – A Nearby Mosque

We don’t really have a mosque close by, and I felt kinda weird going out and photographing the mosque by the busy road. So, I thought Cub and I could make one together with Lego Duplo blocks – a nice bonding activity for us. However, it ended up with me snatching blocks from a preschooler like some crazy, demented person, with Cub screaming in the background.

Lego Mosque

Day 22 – Prayer/Free

Ramadan is usually considered to be divided into three parts – first 10 days of Mercy, second 10 days of Forgiveness and the final 10 of Freedom from Hellfire.

Day 23 – What’s on News Today?

The biggest news  in India on 12th August (Ramadan 23) has got to be Sushil Kumar’s Olympic silver. It was a fitting finale to India’s best performance at the Olympics ever, and all the news channels couldn’t stop raving about it :-). In fact, the minute he entered the finals and guaranteed a medal for India, everyone started celebrating!!

Image Source: ibnlive

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  1. Such a profound prayer! And congrats to Indian athletes who won! Hope you are having a wonderful day!
    -Jyoti from Style Delights Blog
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    1. They really deserve all the accolades!!

  2. both the mosques look great Fab :)

  3. I really love the LEGO mosque. I posted it on my blog GodBricks.

    1. Thank you!! You have a very interesting website, I really enjoyed going through the pictures!!