A Friend-Shaped Peg

6:06:00 pm

These days, I feel like that shape sorter Cub plays with, those boxes which have differently shaped slots, for differently shaped pegs to fit in. Only the square peg will go into the square slot, the round one won’t. That’s me right now. 

Image courtesy: toysonrentme

Confused? Let me explain. The slots are different parts of me. My home fits into a house shaped slot. Mr. Tiger fits into a heart-shaped slot. Cub fits into a cute little cub-shaped slot. My blog fits into a ...well, blog shaped slot. But the trouble is with my friend-shaped slot. I don’t really have a physical friend-shaped peg to match. And I can’t fit it with any other shape.

Everyone knows that family’s important. Of course it is. But so are friends. They’re the ones you can talk to about stuff that your family might be…….lets say, uninterested in. Which means the family peg won’t fit the friend slot.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not a chronic sociopath, whom no one wants to befriend. It’s just that all my friends are divided into very neat categories, with hardly any overlapping – I have friends from school, friends from college, and friends from my working days. I hardly have anyone outside these specific circles, and no one resides in the city I now live in. So, though technology has enabled specific modes of communication like email and texting, it just cannot match the warmth and comfort of a face-to-face heart-to-heart. Now, I know it’s different for everyone, but for me, this doesn’t really fill the friend-shaped slot.

Ok, maybe I’m beginning to sound a bit pathetic. “Hello? Go out and get a life”, I hear you say. I guess you’re right. I just got to make new friends, and meet up with my old ones whenever they come to town, or I go visit theirs. Yup, gotta stop wallowing in friendlessness.

Whew!! That was plenty emotional!!! But wow, I feel relieved letting it all out!!! What about you guys? Have you ever felt this way whenever you’ve moved to a different city? How did you deal with it?

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  1. I have been friend less for last 4 years now. I have pretty much made peace with it i guess ... I travel ... Blog ... cook ... and excel in other things which others take for granted. Mostly my husband is my closest friend now ... After a while you get on with it ... you can't force people to be friends ... or magically find like minded people! ...

    You will be fine. I am sure your baby keep you more than occupied!

    ♡ from © tanvii.com

  2. @Tanvi
    Yup, you're right, we can't force people to be our friends...I guess I've just got to take it in my stride, like you did :-)
    My son does keep me occupied, its just that sometimes I long for someone older than 3 to hang out with!!!

  3. Thanks girl for stopping by my blog, love your blog too. The frittata you made looks delish, I am going to try it some time.

    I have very few friends and I don't mind that. I'd rather have few good friends. When I catch up with them, I know why they are my best friends.

    Additionally blogging has really helped me make virtual friends with similar mindset and I love to interact with them.

  4. @Priyanka
    Thanks for stopping by, Priyanka :-).. it's true, like-minded virtual friends mean much more than insincere physical friends..Thank God for Blogs!!!

  5. It won't be long before you find new friends in your new place as well :)

  6. Oh thats the worst part of relocating.Missing up friends.But this will also gave ample opportunity to make newone.:)

    1. Making new friends is all the more difficult when you aren't working outside home and all your school/college buddies are in different countries :-). But never say never!!

  7. I agree it is difficult making friends when you are not working outside home, and even more in other countries - or so it has been for me. Some ups some downs, but taking each experience as it comes.

    1. True!! But ever since I've started the blog, I've come across so many like minded people and I am glad to have found some 'bloggy buddies' through this!!