Staying Stylish with Kids

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Anyone who’s had kids will know that going shopping/running errands/visiting, in fact simply going out with them is no easy task. And, you have to be stylish while at it. Sounds impossible? I used to think so too, but after several tantrum-ridden outings with a boisterous toddler, I have learnt some valuable lessons. Staying stylish isn’t something you put on hold just because you have kids. You need to adapt a little, that’s all.

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Disclaimer: All the tips mentioned here are completely from my wide, varied and noisy J experiences….you can easily cut/copy/delete/add according to what suits you and of course, your little bundle of mischief J. So here goes:

  1. Let’s start with the clothes – the comfier the better. Jeans are a good bet, and with a comfortable, stylish tunic/top/kurta, you can’t go wrong. Its best to avoid skirts/tops/dresses that are too short or tight or that’ll have you pulling here and tugging there all the time.

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  1. Long flowy skirts/dresses also pose a problem; there might (rather, will) come a time when your little Usain Bolt will suddenly decide to make a beeline for the neighboring kid’s balloon, and you’ll have no choice but to follow. A long peasant skirt isn’t the best companion here.
  1. Fussy clothes with lots of tassels, adjustments and the like are also best avoided. Its no fun adjusting your dupatta all the time if you have to pick up the teddy your son is determined to fling about.
  1. Colors aren’t a big problem here, though its better to keep in mind that darker colors hide spills and stains better.
  1. Bags. Okay, even if you don’t have to lug a diaper bag around now, you’ll still need to carry a lot of kiddie supplies, so liquids are a given. Hence, it makes sense to keep your expensive leather or vintage bags at home and bring out the canvas totes. They come in such funky designs and bright colors now, it would make perfect fashion sense too. I’m also fond of bags from Baggit – they kind of hold well under such situations.

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  1. Again with bags. Though shoulder bags are good enough, a cross body bag is the best kind of bag to carry around when you have really mobile active kids with you. It leaves your hands completely free, with everything you need within easy reach. Bags with short handles are very cumbersome when you need to do a million things with your hands.

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  1. Shoes. I don’t need to explain why high heels are a no-no. All the reasons mentioned above apply. It also helps to have anti skid soles. At one time my son had a special hobby, stamping on my shoes, leaving his footprint on it. He thought it was great fun, and having embellishments/bows on my shoes would add to it. So now you know what shoes to get.

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  1. Jewelry. Big, chunky neckpieces always bothered my son whenever I carried him. If you know you’ll be using the stroller all the time, then this is not a problem. Also dangling earrings can be quite tempting to kids whose strength cannot be underestimated when they are pulling away at your delicate ear holes. Again, not a problem if with a stroller.
  1. Makeup. This is a relatively safe area, with little chance of things to get messed up, though I would advise caution with shiny/sticky lip glosses. Somehow they always end up on clothes unlike the good old matte lipsticks.
I hope this doesn’t make it look like kids are little terrors just waiting to pounce on everything around them. (That’s only true sometimes J). Kids will be kids, and they will be curious, inquisitive, impulsive and at times, destructive. But its all a part of growing up and eventually they’ll outgrow this phase. Till then, hopefully these tips should help, so here’s to all the stylish mommies out there!!!!

Some celebrity moms for inspiration J:

Nicole Richie

Jessica Alba

And finally, Sarah Jessica Parker

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Do you have any style tips for moms that I have missed? 

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