Recipe for the Week - Easy Tuna Sandwich

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This is the easiest version of a Tuna Sandwich that I know of :-). Just mix everything together and voila! The tuna I used was canned in springwater, you can use ones in brine/sunflower oil etc. but they need to be drained well.

What you’ll need (1 sandwich):

  1. ¼ can tuna flakes (in springwater)
  2. 2 slices bread
  3. 1 tbsp mayonnaise
  4. 1 stalk celery chopped
  5. olive oil
  6. salt and Pepper to taste

What you’re going to do:

1. Drain the tuna well and sauté for a few minutes in ½ tsp olive oil.

2. Mix the tuna, celery, mayonnaise and seasoning in a little bowl.

3. Spread the mixture on one slice of bread and cover with another. Press down gently to bind everything together.

    Grilling this sandwich is optional – some people like it that way. I personally prefer the cold/ungrilled version.

    Now, wasn’t that easy? This can now be expanded into as many layers as you like with all sorts of filling. My suggestions – lettuce, onion, chopped capsicum.

    Now it's time for my weekly health resolution update. Here goes:

    1. One glass of toned milk everyday
    2. Weight training every alternate day
    3. Green Tea everyday
    There’s a whole month of fasting coming up in August, so sticking to my resolutions is going to be difficult. But I am going to make sure that I do, after all consistency is key, right? I might have to shuffle around the timings of my workout, though.

    Overall, I find that the food-related resolutions are easier and the fitness related ones are trickier. Maybe it’s because in order to workout, you actually have to get off the couch and put on your shoes and start. Requires more effort than just refusing a second helping or making a cup of green tea. Well, no more excuses, like the Nike tagline says, “Just Do It!”.

    Image Courtesy: mindofarunner

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    1. Wow this looks so yummy and easy to make
      Do partcipate in my giveaway here

    2. Green tea I believe does wonders... have to start. the sandwich looks yummy only I am a vegetarian.

    3. Looks yummy, I have to try it!

    4. @Alka Gurha
      If you eat egg, the tuna here can be substituted with chopped boiled egg. Tastes just as great!!