Shopping Lesson #846284

12:29:00 am

The one good thing that comes out of several successful shopping expeditions (and disasters) is that you learn a lot and hopefully pass on that wisdom to fellow shopaholics.

Today’s lesson is – Eat. And then shop. Make sure your fuel tank is full, or else you’ll be huffing and puffing just to get through the aisles.

Let me tell you a not so little story about how I learnt this invaluable lesson. My roommate, Cher, and I were bored silly one Sunday afternoon and decided to hit the mall. Normal, right? Only, Cher and I were on a fast that day and hadn’t eaten anything since early morning. But when you’re a dedicated shopaholic, you don’t let such minor niggles get in the way of doing what you do best. Or so we thought.

We got into a store and things were going fine. But soon the crowds started increasing and it began to feel like the oxygen supply was going down. Nevertheless, we plodded on, making sure not to miss every single clothes rack, as if they would all be taken away the next day or something. But soon, I couldn’t stand it anymore and just had to sit down, but couldn’t find a place. After looking everywhere, I finally spotted a store attendant (recognized by the bright yellow uniform) and asked him for a place to sit, pronto. He stared for a few seconds and pointed to a chair somewhere. In that dazed state, I couldn’t see any chair and finally plopped down on the lowest shelf in that aisle.

Image courtesy: beyondthekitchensink

Whew!! That felt sooo good!!! In the midst of that haze, I heard my name and saw Cher coming my way. Soon she dropped down right next to me and I could feel the same relief emanating from her. A minute or so later, we could see clearly, but decided to wait a few more minutes before getting up and walking.

But while we sat there, we noticed that all the guys passing by were looking at us with really strange expressions…wait, they were actually staring at us. We were furious!! Lecherous low lying  @%@#$%$!!!

Finally, we got up, feeling much better now. Then Cher tapped me on the shoulder. I turned around and saw her horrified expression. She was pointing at the shelving we had just sat down on. I followed her gaze and saw…..rows and rows of men’s underwear staring back at us. Shiny boxes in several colors with pictures of semi-dressed men, all lying less than 2 feet from us.

Believe me; we actually jumped a few paces back. So that was why those guys were staring. Good God, did I have to pick that exact spot for my little interlude???

Word of the Wise: Never go shopping on an empty stomach, whatever the compulsion to do so may be. You never know where your oxygen deprived brain will lead you J.

I agree, that was a bit of an extreme example, but it’s a true story. Cher, I know you still remember that day. My other friends have heard this on several occasions, so I’ve already ensured they won’t forget it either J.

Have any of you had a similar embarrassing shopping experience? Do share it here!!

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