Being a Good Girl!

10:07:00 pm

Yesterday was a really fun day with shopping and eating out and just good plain fun!! I followed all my shopping commandments to the T :-). I put a lot of thought into each item I selected and then surprise, surprise - returned a lot of stuff back onto the rack!!! I know, weird isn’t it!! Never happened to me before!! Also, after I let myself get over the whole ‘SALE’ thing, I was able to look at every single thing for what it really was, without all the marketing gimmicks. As a result, I ended up buying a few things that were not on sale!! Again, first time for me!!

Here’s why I'm calling myself a good girl:
  • I stuck to my list and my budget and I’m proud to say that I succeeded in staying within both
  • I avoided plastic bags almost everywhere, relied on cloth and paper bags
  • I avoided paying with plastic, and used cash everywhere. It really helped me stay on track.

A lot of stuff bought was for the menfolk in my family – Cub, Mr. Tiger, my brother. Here’s a sample of what I got:

A red crush kurta from Lifestyle. I was drawn to the bright color and it's super comfortable too. I’ve been wanting to get a crush kurta for quite a while :-)

    A pair of nude sandals from Mochi (No sale there). I had a pair almost exactly like this one some time back and they were really comfy. Hence I didn’t hesitate much with these :-)

      I also got a sleeveless tunic from Lifestyle, a pair of black tights and some other stuff like manicure set, deos etc. I also wanted a pair of black kitten heels, but didn’t find any that I was 100% satisfied with. Might hit the shops again this week :-).

      There’s just one thing I got that wasn’t on my initial list. (Ok, ok, I’m not a very good girl now :-)) It’s a pack of colorful little wooden pegs, I found them real cute and got them for Cub’s room:

      So that was all I shopped for yesterday. Well within control..and I must admit, it felt really good and satisfying to know that I had exactly what I wanted and nothing more!!

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