DIY Weekend!

9:54:00 pm

I had a great weekend, with a party, some DIY and a lot of family funtime!!

Like I mentioned in a previous post, we had planned a fashion swap on Saturday, and it was fun. Here are the spoils I ended up with:
  1. A fabindia kurta from my mom, which I had been eyeing for a while J
  2. A pair of earrings from my sis
  3. A faux leather wristlet which my mom got as a gift
 This is the kurta with the earrings:

And here is the wristlet:

The kurta’ll need a little alteration, and then it’ll be as good as new!! I also found a plain red tote bag from Jockey, which looked like it could use a face-lift. So after some fabric paint and black ribbons, here is what I ended up with:

This is the other side of the same bag, but it’ll give an idea as to how the bag looked before my DIY operation J:

After looking at it now, I think I’ll get rid of the ribbons…I had actually planned only the painting part, but then got carried away J.

I’ve never done an outfit post before, and had absolutely no idea how to go about it. Anyway, just thought I’d attempt it and see. Here is what I wore on Saturday:

This kurta is mélange from Lifestyle, bought a few months back. I was instantly attracted to the red and blue embroidery on the black fabric. I also love V-necks, so there clearly wasn’t much hesitation there!! Here’s a close up:

We had a family function too for which I wore a baby pink sequined salwar suit with pearl and gold jewelry:


The black sequined evening bag is a gift from Dubai, and one of my favorites. 

So that was a nice little weekend with no shopping, but I still had fun breathing new life into old things!! What about you guys? Do you have any successful recycling/DIY stories?

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  2. That bag is looking super-cute!!! :)

  3. @Polka Princess
    Thank you, it was fun doing it as well!!

  4. super nice post ...